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October 25, 2009

icon_prettyskyWhen I last blogged, I was going on a two-week trip to Hawaii with my mom because we had stumbled upon some free plane tickets. They were free because we had gotten them from our Europe trip. Going to London I believe, our flight had a 24 hour delay.

That was a fun trip filled with snorkeling and eating! Hawaii has the best shopping malls filled with Hermes, Burberry, and so many other designer lines.

When I got back I had a hard time getting into the swing of blogging everyday especially since school had just started up again. Right now, I’m actually really sick. The rumors I’m hearing is that 40 percent of the school is sick. In band, we cancelled friday night performance and yesterday’s festival! Very sad but I’m thankful I did not have to conduct I might have passed out on the podium and that would not have been pretty.

So, that’s where I’ve been and now for Attempt 2 at posting everyday!

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