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A Real Boy

October 2, 2009

Today started off slow. I was slightly worried for my future as I like eating things not because they always taste good, though there is that, but I really find it pleasurable to see the piles of food get smaller. It’s like a tiny accomplishment or just a new thing happening. Maybe, I’m just a bit bored.

I was also very happy because last night I had a dream and I’m sure I have plenty of dreams each night but I never actually remember them. So, dreaming is good. If I told you my dream though, you’d probably think I’m a bit crazy! Lets just say it involved being Amish and meeting Coco Chanel.

That was not even the highlight of my day. I ran brass sectionals today. For those of you who don’t know, it’s just an extra practice in marching band to work on things without other sections there. We went through the normal stuff – scales, 8 to 5 marching, and some breathing gym. We did some new warm ups and carried around our instruments like the bamf people we are. We tiptoed around percussion who was also having sectionals.

Overall, I’d say it went pretty good.

That wasn’t the highlight though.

Afterward, I was going to help a mellophone player with a solo she has in the show. That didn’t go as planned as my good friend (a trumpet player) had a flat on his car. No one knew how to change it so we all kinda stood around and eventually actually find the spare tire; underneath the car. Now the trick was…how to get it out from under the car? We found the jack, hoorah! We also found a series of different tools and an emergency kit. Alright, we are all set! So, how to get the flat tire off?

Luckily, another trumpet player had actually done this before but he was rather rusty.

I am proud to say that I helped remove it. At least, sorta. One of the steps required the removal of the frame I guess? The middle part of the tire that covers the main screws? Basically, the decorative part. Yeah, I figured out how to get it off! Of course, the guys did all the dirty work while me and the other half of the section stared on in awe. We all someone managed to get our hands dirty even if our job was minimal. Even though the owner of the car was slightly panicky, in the end we all felt like ‘real boys’ and now we all know what to do if we have a flat and we are not in the company of so many people.

Basically, I am glad I did not have a flat but it was all very entertaining. This whole ordeal took a little under an hour to deal with.

A brass sectional is never complete without something crazy happening. Since no one passed out I suppose fate got desperate and thought messing with us in the parking lot was the only way to compensate.

Yeah, that’s right fate, we beat you!

Of course, we marveled at the fact that the high school parking lot was swarming with many parents and adults yet no one bothered to help us or ask if everything was alright. We did stop a man who looked like he knew about things who helped us figure out how to unlatch the spare tire. He left us to our own means though after that.

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