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Becoming Anne

October 29, 2009


I like that I can see my car from the library. The library is where I spend most of my time, anyway. No, I’m not a loner or anything. I have two classes in their and since we have block periods that means I have half my day in the library for half the week. Crazy, right? To think, for the last two years I’ve hardly stepped foot in the place! I’m afraid to check out books though. I don’t know why. I just can’t bring myself to go check out something. I think I checked out one book once my freshmen year but never got around to reading it.

It’s not like the books I want to read have literary merit, anyway.

Swine flu/normal flu is still circulating around the school. My friend coughed and was sent to the nurse to be home for 48 hours though and he wasn’t even sick. Or so he claims!

So, I originally opened this blog to talk about the things I learned/culture like dealings and I finally have some!

Because I’m taking Anatomy and physiology, a class that isn’t required, I am understanding a lot more things on the television. For example, Grey’s Anatomy, apparently that’s a book and actually knowing the names of bones helps let a lot of things on House M.d. become a lot more funny. Maybe, everyone else in the world got it but I was the stupid one! Haha, but then it makes me wonder how people who never take anatomy and physiology view the world. Or psychology. That’s an important class two. Both aren’t required at my school. But then again, I wonder how much I miss about life since I haven’t taken physics or chemistry and kind of have no plans to do so…

I really need a more exciting life!

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